Manning Buske Forensics

 is an industry leader in the area of forensic engineering. Some of our specialties include: Machine Safety, Workplace Safety, Fire Investigations, Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Computer Simulation, Courtroom Displays, Metallurgy Science, Fire and Smoke Computer Simulation, Water Losses, Code Compliance and Stereo Photogrammetry. Our experts are able to assist you in research, analysis, investigations, subrogation, expert witness and much more. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

MB Forensics offers expertise in determining the cause of large loss fires, commercial fires, restaurant fires, and vehicle fires.

This is a more sophisticated technique than simple photogrammetry, involving estimating the three-dimensional coordinates of points on an object. These are determined by measurements made in two or more photographic images taken from different positions. Common points are identified on each image. A line of sight can be constructed from the camera location to the point on the object. It is the intersection of these rays (triangulation) that determines the three-dimensional location of the point.

At MB Forensics we can explain the most intricate mechanisms in an easy to understand format. By creating a 3D cutaway, then animating it to show it’s function, we have successfully explained complex systems to nontechnical audiences. With a 5000SF Multi-Bay Facility, Vehicle Bay and  Lab Area, no display is outside of our realm.

Manning Buske Forensics engineers are experts in Code Compliance and how they affect the potential for losses and subrogation potential.

*Building Codes *Electrical Codes *Mechanical Codes *Plumbing Codes *Fire Suppression Codes *Health and Safety Codes *Fuel Codes


Water loss claims are on the rise. Many times faulty materials are to blame. Our experienced engineers know what to look for. New homes now commonly have wet bars, icemakers, water filter systems, soft water systems and fire sprinklers. All of these new items are contributing to the increased risk.

Materials Failure Analysis:
       • Metals             • Glass 
       • Plastics           • Corrosion
Fire and smoke simulation is a vital tool in that it can explain why the fire behaved as it did; what effects opening a door or the failing of a window had on the fire.  It helps to explain witness statements regarding smoke travel through the structure, showing variations as to where and how the fire started. 
We can specify upholstery, fabric, and foam type, including thickness, which equates to fuel load.  We can specify the heat of reaction, heat of combustion, conductivity, and specific heat.

Accident Reconstruction

  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian v. Vehicle
  • Truck Accidents
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Brake Inspections
  • Instrumentation & Data Logging
  • Crash Data Retrieval
  • PC Simulations

Computer Simulation FEA

We offer a full range of computer simulations, used to determine and demonstrate the cause of failure. Manning Buske Forensics simulates entire assembles to show how and why they failed.
One of the best ways to avoid further accidents is to understand how an accident occurred and how to avoid this accident in the future. The accident investigation is a tool.
The goal in an accident investigation is to:
  • Satisfy legal requirements (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Find out what happened and determine immediate and underlying or root causes
  • Rethink the safety hazard
  • Introduce ways to prevent a re-occurrence
  • Establish training needs
  • Establish ways to prevent the accident in the future. An accident, a near miss and an incident should all be investigated. Accident investigations are a tool for uncovering hazards that either were missed earlier or require new controls (policies, procedures or personal protective equipment). Near-miss reporting and investigation identify and control safety or health hazards before they cause a more serious incident.

When an accident occurs, do the following:

  • Conduct an investigation as soon as possible following the event to gather all the necessary facts, determine the true causes of the event, and develop recommendations to prevent a recurrence.
  • Get there as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure area is safe to enter.
  • Make sure injured person has first-aid or medical attention required.
  • Look for witnesses.
  • Record the scene with photos (ideally date and time printed) or sketches.
  • Safeguard any evidence.
  • Establish what happened.

  • Machine Defects & Guarding
  • Design defects in engineering
  • Machine guarding and safety
  • Code and OSHA compliance
  • Interlocked guard systems
  • California Labor Code Section 4558